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Why Use Biodiesel?

Help America gain Engergy Independence

If you can grown your own diesel fuel, you don't need to buy it from someone else. Biodiesel can help reduce our dependance on crude oil from other countries. Every 5 gallons of B20 use in your vehicles replaces .75 gallons of crude oil. Montanans burn approximately 428 million gallons of petroleum diesel each year. If we used B20 instead, we could cut the need for imported rude oil by about 64 million gallons per year. And that's just in Montana! Imagine the impact if we applied that savings across our nation where we burn some 33 billion gallons of diesel a year in on-highway use. In addition, biodiesel creates excellent economic development opportunites for America's farmers by creating markets for crops used to produce biodiesel.

It is good for the Health of our Children

Biodiesel can be a great health benefit to our kids. Several recent independent studies on school buses have indicated that children who ride on buses to school face up to 8 times greater exposure to toxic diesel exhust than if they walked. The Environmental Protection Agency says kids are the most susceptible to dangerous pollutants in diesel exhaust yet must ride diesel-powered buses for nine months each year. Many school bus operations around the country have begun to use B20 fuel in an effort to reduce the harmful effect on kids who breathe diesel exhaust.

It can be Good for your Engine

Biodiesel can extend the life of diesel engines because it is more lubrication than petroleum diesel fuel. Biodiesel contains 11% oxygen, which means that even in blend such as B20, it assists in the combustion of hydrocarbons. Biodiesel reduces air pollution and greenhouse gases. The exhaust from biodiesel smells much better than diesel exhaust plus the black soot level is reduced.

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